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Exclusive articles and conference reports covering the world of PM

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Leaner Powder Metallurgy alloy steel powders offer lower cost options

26th Oct, 2011

Escalating metal prices, plus environmental constraints on PM part producers are driving the need to limit the currently high amounts of Ni and Cu as alloying elements in PM steels. Bernard Williams reports exclusively for ipmd.net on three presentatio... Click for more...

Euro PM2011 - Barcelona attracts the largest Powder Metallurgy audience of the year

19th Oct, 2011

This is the first of a series of exclusive reports to be published on ipmd.net on the Euro PM2011 Conference and Exhibition. The event, organised by the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA), was held in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this month. ... Click for more...

Additive Manufacturing – machine builders state their case

12th Oct, 2011

There was certainly the feeling among exhibitors at TCT Live 2011 that ‘additive manufacturing’ is rapidly becoming a recognised manufacturing method not only for the fast, accurate production of one-off prototype components, but also for t... Click for more...

Rolls Royce: ‘The future is bright - the future is powder’

5th Oct, 2011

‘The future is bright – the future is powder’, these were the closing remarks to an upbeat presentation on Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology given by Gemma Barsby and Ben Penny (Rolls Royce plc, Rapid Prototyping Facility... Click for more...

New intermetallic hard material binder phase developed for cemented carbides

28th Sep, 2011

The cemented carbide (hardmetal) industry has long been concerned with the need to develop alternative binder phases to cobalt in the production of tungsten carbide-based wear parts and cutting tools. Bernard Williams reports on a new binder concept de... Click for more...

Research study provides new insights regarding shape loss during polymer burnout process

20th Sep, 2011

A study has been carried out by Ravi K Enneti, Seong Jin Park, Randall M German and Sundar V Atre to understand the evolution of shape loss during the polymer burnout process. This is the first reported study in the field of powder metallurgy dealing w... Click for more...

Supply "risk list" for rare earth metals published

13th Sep, 2011

To coincide with the British Science Festival, the British Geological Survey (BGS) has released a new 'Risk List' which ranks the risk to global supply of chemical elements of economic value. The list highlights vulnerable elements where global product... Click for more...

New study looks at the potential of direct metal laser sintering technology to generate energy and raw material savings

24th Aug, 2011

By capitalising on the advantages that direct metal laser-sintering (DMLS) offers, including the benefits of net shape technology to generate lighter structures as well as more economical use of raw materials, the technology has a huge potential to contri Click for more...

Improved atomisation technology produces ultrafine powders for fossil fuel power plants

17th Aug, 2011

The U.S. Dept of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has been collaborating with the Ames Laboratory at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, to develop advanced gas atomisation technology for the production of ultrafine iron... Click for more...

The development of titanium applications via additive manufacturing

29th Jul, 2011

In the first of six sessions focussing on advances in titanium PM at MPIF’s PowderMet 2011 conference (San Francisco, May 18-21), an extremely comprehensive review was given by James Sears, Quad City Manufacturing Laboratory, USA, on the range of... Click for more...

Porous titanium products for biomedical applications

20th Jul, 2011

On the basis of their proven biocompatibility in many clinical investigations, titanium and titanium alloys have become standard materials in various biomedical applications. In order to provide an opportunity for osteo-integration and to enhance the b... Click for more...

Conference report:
Third ‘Scientific-Practical Seminar on PM: Technologies, Production and Applications', 28-30 June 2011, Russia

13th Jul, 2011

The ‘Scientific- Practical Seminar on Powder Metallurgy’ is an attempt at reviving PM science and PM industry collaboration. The event is the initiative of several leading PM specialists in  Russia and this year took place in Yoshkar... Click for more...

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